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Lecture Subjects

Willie Kate Friar
in Dubai

  1. Russia - The Last Czar and the Relics of Russian Royalty
  2. Sweden - Modern Design and Scandinavian Culture
  3. Norway - Land of Grieg, Mountains and Trolls
  4. Denmark - Tivoli, Hans Christian Anderson and Castles
  5. Pitcairn Island and Mutiny on the Bounty
  6. Easter Island - The Mystery of the Giant Heads
  7. Brazil - A Look at the History, the Beaches and the Food.
  8. Chile - Land of Fjords and Glaciers
  9. Ecuador - Land of Volcanoes and the Ecuador
  10. Argentina - Tierra del Fuego, Gauchos and the Tango
  11. Peru - Land of the Incas
  12. Uruguay - Colorful History and Beautiful Beaches
  13. The Panama Canal - Wonder of the Engineering World
  14. The Republic of Panama - Crossroads of the World
  15. The Kuna of Panama and their Fabulous  Molas
  16. The Huichol of Mexico - Unique Culture and Bead Art
  17. Costa Rica - Land of the Ticas
  18. Scandinavia - Land of the Vikings and Modern Design
  19. Dubai - Middle East Resort and Business Center
  20. Istanbul - Whirling Dervishes, Mosques, and Markets
  21. Singapore - Museums, Markets, Immaculate and Friendly
  22. Egypt - The Suez Canal, the Pyramids, Luxor and all  Antiquities
  23. Vietnam and Cambodia - From Saigon to  Angkor Wat
  24. Japan - Tokyo, Kyoto, and the many colorful ports
  25. Thailand - Golden Temples, Spectacular Scenery and Folkloric shows.
  26. Mexico - Lovely Beaches, Folk art and a Colorful Culture. 
  27. The Amazon River - The elegant years of the rubber  barons and today's riverboat adventures
  28. Finland - Sophisticated  modern design and the mystery of the northern lights
  29. Estonia - A review of history and a look at the vibrant economy
  30. Tunisia - An overview of its history and culture including its Bardo  Museum .that  features the greatest collection of mosaics in the world.
  31. Spain - A review of its history and culture including the flamenco, bull fights, and world renowned festivals
  32. Portugal - A presentation featuring its history as a seafaring nation of "discoverers" and its influence in Latin America as well as its vibrant life today
  33. Morocco - A look at an Arab nation that takes great pride in its historic relationship with the United States. Presentation includes discussion of its culture and unique handicrafts and works of art
  34. Tenerife - An overview of the history, desert scenery, parks and current life in a resort island which was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake
  35. Rome - A look at Rome as an open-air museum and the layers of history below ground including an overview of Italy to put the city in perspective.
  36. Pompeii and Herculean - A look at the life style of these Italian towns before and after the eruption of Vesuvius
  37. Overview of Brazil
  38. Parintins Brazil - A look at the creation of  the world famous fabulous –Boi Bumba folkloric  show.
  39. Coruna and Santiago Compostella - Overview of both cities and discussion of the famous pilgrimage to the tomb of St. James.
  40.  Malta - A look at the history and  discussion of the Knights of Malta
  41. Athens - The dramatic history   of Athens and a look at the modern city of today. 
  42. Amsterdam - Unique Dutch culture, its dams and dikes and its food.
  43. Brussels - A look at  the culture and history and  as a site for NATO and the European Union.
  44. West Africa - a brief look at Ghana, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Senegal and Liberia, their history, culture, and life there today.
  45. The People that I met and the things that I learned while cruising the world - Interesting and humorous anecdotes about life on cruise ships, including stories from my book by  that name.
  46. Tahiti and Bora Bora - An overview of the history and culture of these exotic South Pacific islands.
  47. Mexico - Over of history, culture, relationship with the United States and current affairs.
  48. Huatulco - One of Mexico’s newest resorts, its history, legends, and resorts.
  49. Cabo San Lucas - The most Americanized resort , its colorful character and interesting arts and crafts
  50. Puerto Vallarta - The colorful old town made famous by Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Also the fast growing modern section and its unique style .


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